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Anchoring Excellence: Melton S. Bell Construction Consultant

From a modest beginning to setting the cornerstone of success, Melton S. Bell Construction Consultant, LLC has embodied unwavering commitment and innovation for over a year. Guided by the leadership of our founder, Melton S. Bell, we’ve successfully carved out a niche in the construction consulting industry.

melton s bell and his wife shwante

Our Journey

Mr. Bell, a decorated Army veteran and seasoned construction consultant, laid the foundation of MSB Construction Consultant in April 2022, marking the beginning of an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our inception was propelled by Mr. Bell’s vision to provide unparalleled construction consultancy, forged by his 22 years of diligent service with the United States Army Reserves and more than 20 years in construction and consulting.

Our Legacy

Mr. Bell’s commendable service record reflects a lifetime of commitment to quality and innovation. His tenure as a NATO Engineering Officer with the Army Reserves took him across the globe, contributing to the US Military’s infrastructure and engineering construction projects in capacities that ranged from base master planning to project management and construction inspections. A tour of duty in Afghanistan under Operation Enduring Freedom added to his rich repertoire of experience.

His career trajectory spans a multitude of large-scale construction projects, including hospitals, commercial high-rises, university facilities, and underground utilities. His tenure with the City of Dallas as a Sr. Plans Examiner, Sr. Building/Code Inspector, and Sr. Green Building Inspector demonstrates his unyielding commitment to green initiatives and foresight in advancing sustainable building practices.


As a minority and service-disabled veteran-owned business, Melton S. Bell Construction Consultant is fueled by a mission to represent construction firm owners and guide them through every stage of their projects. With years of experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we are here to lead, guide, and represent you.

Meet the CEO

Melton S. Bell: Building Blocks of Excellence

For over two decades, Melton S. Bell has championed the construction industry, demonstrating an unrivaled commitment to delivering quality and fostering innovation. His journey from an Army National Guard engineer platoon leader to the founder of a successful construction consultancy speaks volumes of his perseverance and dedication.

Mr. Bell’s unyielding drive has shaped his distinguished career and facilitated the development of a broad skill set. His journey took him from a senior project engineer for Centex to a pivotal role as a senior plans examiner and building inspector for the City of Dallas. Each role presented unique challenges and opportunities to deepen his knowledge and expertise.

In 2013, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish Melton S. Bell Professional Inspection Services, LLC, before moving to Texas A&M University as a project manager and owner’s representative. His final step before creating Melton S. Bell Construction Consultant LLC was a role with O’Connor Construction Management Inc. as a construction manager.

Ever committed to personal and professional growth, Mr. Bell looks forward to expanding his influence as a federal defense contractor. His lifelong dedication to service, deep-rooted values, and steadfast tenacity form the foundation of his success and our company’s mission.

When he steps away from the blueprints and planning tables, Mr. Bell enjoys spending quality time with his wife, Shawnte Bell, and his youngest son, Melton S. Bell II.

Melton S. Bell's wife Shawnte Bell and the director of human resources at Melton S. Bell Construction Consultant
Melton S. Bell and his family, wife Shawnte and Melton S. Bell II

About Shawnte

The Director of Human Resource

Boasting more than two decades of management, human resource, and customer service experience, Shawnte H. Bell stands as an integral part of our team as the Director of Human Resources at Melton S. Bell Construction Consultant, LLC. A dynamic leader with a B.B.A in Computer Information Systems under her belt, Shawnte has also achieved an Associate Professional Certification in Human Resources (aPHR).

Her professional journey began at J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, where she wore multiple hats, contributing to areas such as Email Research, Quality Assurance, Escalation, and Service Management. Currently, she serves as an Assistant Vice President and Service Team Manager II at Truist Financial.

Overseeing critical HR functions, Shawnte is involved in all stages of the employee journey. From new hire screening to the recruitment of coaches and teammates, from training supervisors to managing onboarding processes, and from handling time management and FMLA accommodations to ensuring proper offboarding, her expertise ensures smooth and efficient HR operations. Shawnte’s commitment to cultivating a skilled and motivated team significantly contributes to our company’s success.


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